“Princess Who Never Smiled”. Christmas party for children 2022

When December arrives it brings with it the long-awaited New Year’s festivities. New Year is a time for celebration, gifts and fulfillment of cherished wishes for both children and adults alike. On the 17 December,  Wellington Russian Club held a cheerful and joyful party and performance for the children, based on fairy tale “Tsarevna Nesmeyana (Princess Who Never Smiled)”.

The guests were greeted with a festive atmosphere at the very entrance to the hall, an elegant Christmas tree and fairy tale characters were inviting them in. Right from the start of the performers took the children into a magical world of Traditional folk tales. The children were plunged into the festive atmosphere of adventure, sang merry songs, recited poems and took part in interesting competitions.


The highlight of the event was a meeting with Deduska Moroz (Father Frost), the central character of the folk tale.  The kids delighted Deduska Moroz with their traditional games, songs and fairy-tale costumes.

Wellington Russian Club expresses special thanks to all members of the Club and their children, who participated in organizing this enjoyable event: script writer Natalya Platova, stage director Veronika Maklakova, Olga Andreeva, Andrey and Lyubov Volkov. A huge thank you to all the children who took part in the performance: Mila Sinitsina, Anastasia Andreeva, Masha Maklakova, Alexander Gaiduch. Thanks also to Xenia Platova and Sophia Gaiduch for their help with the matinee.

Many thanks to our sponsors: Russian Embassy in New Zealand and Pub Charity Ltd.

Victor Gaiduch
President of Russian Club

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Photo: Sophia Gaiduch