Charitable Donations.

Dear friends,
Wellington Russian Club is a regional non-profit charitable organization. Every year we organize many events, such as: annual Cultural Festivals and Children’s Christmas Festivals, Victory Day celebration, films screening and much more. The Russian Club has its own Information Center in Wellington CBD. You may come to our Center for communications and support; to borrow books from our library; hire DVDs. All these services and events the Club organizes exclusively on the funds
that we receive from various organizations, private sponsors and charitable contributions.
The Club promotes the best achievements of Russian culture in New Zealand to contribute to greater diversity of New Zealand Culture. The Club organizes all events for a small fee at the entrance (fundraising) or free of charge.
Every year there are more and more non-profit organizations in Wellington applying for grants, and sponsors’ funds are limited. We get funding from our sponsors which become insufficient to carry out our events.
Wellington Russian Club appeals to everyone who believes we should continue our mission. You could make one-time donation for a particular event or arrange the regular contributions to the Club’s account. We will be very grateful for your financial support and any donations.
You may contact us on wellingtonrussinaclub@gmail.com to confirm your deposit.
We are highly relying on your financial support.
Our bank details are:
Wellington Russian Club
02 0500 0601371 00
Your charitable donations are greatly appreciated.

If you are willing to donate please click on the Bank to pay trough.


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Victor Gaiduch
President of Wellington Russian Club