Russian club

Wellington Russian Club is a regional organisation for all Russian-speaking migrants living in
Wellington Region area. The Club was established to determine and achieve our vital and unique
social, economic and cultural goals to the betterment of New Zealand.
The Club promotes the best achievements of Russian culture in New Zealand to contribute to
greater diversity of New Zealand Culture.
The Club aims to assist Russian-speaking immigrants in the Wellington region with resettlements,
orientation, communication (interpreting) cultural maintenance, creative realisation.
The Club provides assistance for older persons and disabled persons in the Russian Community so
that those persons may retain their links with the Russian Community and participate to their
fullest extent in New Zealand society.
The Club aims to build a strong supportive and networking group among the Russian Community
to provide mutual support and to foster the traditions of the Russian culture.
The Club provides a learning environment for Russian culture (literature, history, language) for
Russian speaking children, non-Russian speaking children, but of Russian origin and the
community in general.
The Club participates in projects with other ethnic groups and the community in general to
generate an understanding between different cultures by organizing activities such as folk music
groups, concerts and exhibitions that promote Russian art and crafts.